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Hi, i’m Tom. I’m 19 and from Birmingham in the UK. I currently live in Sheffield studying at the Hope City Leadership Academy. I’m a communicator at heart but i also make websites.

I created this blog to inspire and empower a generation of leaders, otherwise known as generation Z. A generation that i think is desperately calling out to find it’s identity. I feel that our generation is a little lost, at least a lot of us are, yet i believe with everything i have, we have the god given potential to change the way the world works. I write blog posts based on a counter cultural mindset. One that for me at least has shown me who i really am, rather than who i’m told i should be. I hope my blog posts help you discover more about yourself and how God identifies you and at the same time spark something within you to follow your dreams. Dreams that can only be fulfilled by God.

I don’t claim to have it all together, i’m just someone pursuing my god given dream to inspire and communicate to a generation. We don’t need leaders ready for the platform all shiny, with white teeth and a flawless lifestyle, we need leaders ready to empower others to lead themselves and to minister from their broken places.

I’m not here to preach at you like the crazy dude you see in your city centre. You know the type of guy to scream at you and tell you you’re going to hell? Yeah i aint about that. My posts will be faith influenced, but i’m only here to encourage you. None of that crazy preacher dude stuff, that stuff weirds me out.

You can reach me in two ways –

By Email – thecounterculturalblog@gmail.com

By Twitter @Tom_Woodyy